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Stay Strong Amidst Your Life and Business Changes

You want to build a sustainable, profitable business that will allow you to live the life you want to lead but you:

  • Believe sales is a bad word

  • Don't know where to start

  • Are a generalist

  • Keep waiting for the next certification result

  • Have inner blocks (health & mental)

  • Are disorganized and overwhelmed

Imagine a life where you're no longer confined by the inner barriers to your success and well-being. A life where you are free to do the work you love and the life you want to live.

I'm here to guide you on a journey to living out your purpose with vitality. My mission: is to empower female solopreneurs like you, who are grappling with sharing their brilliant products and services with the world to gracefully navigate life and business transitions through group programs.

Learn more about the service offerings:

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Love the value you bring into the world so much you are willing to sign it with your signature!

Do you ever notice art handcrafted by artisans use a special signature?

Your current service, art, or product is that special signature. 2024 may be the time to create your signature training program, protocol other thought leadership for an online program. You are not alone. This curriculum program was requested by my Life Plan Review coaching group and now it's here!

This group program is great for you if you are a small business owner or health solopreneur and you:

  • Have a big desire to scale your service/program/product but don’t have a strategic or master plan to build your training program and market it

  • Find scaling your product or service always gets placed at the bottom of your priority list

  • Are feeling scattered in a million directions 

  • Are working in isolation

As a private Health Coach for the past 5 years, I have leveraged 10+ years of teaching experience to develop a curriculum for you.  My teachers have been the California Community Colleges, Health Coach Institute, UCSD Extension, Chris Smith from the Campfire Effect, Joanna Lindenbaum from the Curriculum Lab, and numerous books such as Selling with Love!

I want you to love your product/service and the value you bring to the world and feel confident you can have a wider reach. You can use your organized curriculum content for marketing messages, social media, blogs, and future pieces of training. Work harder now to work smarter later.

What happens when you create a quality curriculum:

  • Take all your thought leadership from out of your head 

  • Organize years of experience into a big training program or use the process again and again to create mini-lessons, drip campaign emails or other courses

  • Increase your confidence in scaling your product or services

  • Use your authentic voice to create your marketing message

  • Free up more time and step out of the fee-for-service business model

  • Send your clients off with super bills so they can request reimbursement for your amazing transformational group program

  • Increase your earnings while lowering your stress

  • Beta-test the program and create new and better versions year after year!


  • 12-Weeks 

  • 12 Curriculum Modules

  • Chat monitoring by your Lead (Me!)

  • Includes a 24-page Curriculum Building Workbook


Building your Bio Story

Enrollment Sales Framework​

Simple Marketing Strategy-New for 2024 based on client feedback from last year! ***The marketing doesn't include posting every day or cold calling

Cost: $99 per month

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A Productivity, Purpose and Success Women's Group Coaching Program.

Productivity isn’t a time management problem, it's an emotional one. 

If you have cracks in your business (or have yet to start) and would like to take in fresh perspectives from other solopreneurs in a group setting, I invite you to my Business Plan Review Coaching Group. 

You're a great candidate if:

  • You are recently certified in Heath & Wellness Coaching or Functional Nutrition

  • Year 0-5 in your business

  • Enjoy following a step-by-step process

  • In need of support

The Program Includes:

8 Course Modules

Weekly Live Class (90 Min)

Do you work for yourself, or have a side hustle? Accountability and support are the key factors in:

  • Closing the gap between what you plan to do in your business and what you actually get done

  • Getting to the core of what you want to do

  • Taking the time to self-reflect and self-monitor your business

  • Stop the feeling you are on an island alone

  • Learn business success principals for the health field 

  • Get out of busyness and inactivity

  • Get clear about your next steps and set goals to close out 2024!

Members of my group coaching series have shared that their favorite aspects of group coaching were accountability and support. So this is what I want to bring into the Fall of 2024, more community support to get to where we want to go with our lives and business. The more diverse the group the better!​ Registration details are in the link below:

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What are the benefits of coaching? The keyword is personalized! Taylor brings a decade of counseling experience and 4 years of Health & Well-being coaching to a scienced-backed method that views you holistically. No matter where you are in your desired life and business she meets you where you are in your stage of change.  The complimentary session is 20-30min in length to see if coaching would work for you. Use the link below:

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“I made a huge change in my life that I don’t foresee ever going back . . .this experience facilitated this change and it gave me accountability and support every week during a challenging time.”

Vanessa M., 41

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I receive compensation from the sale of Ethical H2O Whole-House Filtration, Enagic Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizers, BrainTap, and Nutritional Supplement products. The quality and quantity of any Health and Wellness coaching services are not dependent on any product purchase. Learn more about my Health & Wellness Coaching and Functional Nutritional Counseling packages at:

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