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Happy Spring! Liver scans and overcoming procrastination?🌱

I help solopreneurs navigate health and business transitions. I believe our health and the health of our business are inextricably tied.

Water, Food, and Lifestyle.

These monthly blogs are my attempt to take what I know or what I’m learning and create simple, digestible soundbites for my readers.

In wine marketing research, they found people buy a wine based on the label. You have heard this before, right? May even a few of you do this. It’s too hard to differentiate between a claret, Carignane, or a red blend so we’ll grab the nicest-looking bottle.

I see the same pattern with bottled water. People believe that they are getting luxury products from plastic bottles with pretty labels. In particular, Fiji brand water comes to mind. My friend’s husband buys them by the case because a water sommelier in South Africa told him it was ranked the highest.

We can’t talk about water without addressing the growing $270 billion dollar bottled water industry. (3) What the water sommelier is failing to consider is quality water doesn’t contain microplastics and doesn’t generate microplastics. Simply put, ALL water packaged in plastic has plastic in it. Water is a solvent and it leaches phthalates from the flexible plastic it is bottled in, particularly in warm climates. The caps are the biggest offenders of all, dumping microplastic particles with each open. (4)

I know many of you already don’t drink from plastic bottles already but I wanted to share that research is starting to study the toxicological impacts of microplastic exposure in human cells and the impacts of bottled water around the globe. (1)

I’m learning about fats in my Cardio Intensive and fats aren’t as evil as they have been made out to have been particularly because most fats are a combination of saturated and mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats anyway. This means all three have been designed by and found in nature.

Fats absorb toxins more easily though, thereby making our liver the King of the Detoxifying Organs because it has the brutal job of detoxifying our fats.

In today’s age, with all the toxins, microplastics, and free radicals in our terrain, we are asking our liver and kidneys (which filter water-soluble toxins) to do a lot of work. This is why checking how our liver is performing is a great idea. It leads me to our FibroScan and updates at the shop.

82% of Americans have a fatty liver and don’t know it. A fatty liver means your detox organ is compromised and can’t do its job. The good news is the liver can recover and grow new liver cells. Sign-up for your liver scan at Lifetime Water Solana Beach.

As entrepreneurs, we are often so focused on achieving our goals that we forget to take care of ourselves. We forget that just like athletes, we need rest to perform at our best. Neglecting our physical and mental health leads us to end up feeling drained, nervous, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

I’ve been noodling around the connection between procrastination, avoidance, and distraction and now there are even more implications when we procrastinate: our health!

My Overcoming Procrastination Mini-Course is here!






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