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My parents are in the doghouse and Happy Earth Day🌳🐳

I help solopreneurs navigate health and business transitions. I believe our health and the health of our business are inextricably tied.

These monthly newsletters are simple, digestible soundbites for my subscribers on the topics of Water, Food, and Lifestyle.

Water, Food, and Lifestyle.

These monthly blogs are my attempt to take what I know or what I’m learning and create simple, digestible soundbites for my readers.

Last month we discussed the $270 billion dollar bottled water industry. It’s Earth Day, and I want to introduce you all to the Plastic Swear Jar Challenge by the Changing Tides Foundation. It’s a great way to understand how much single-use plastic we go through in a week.


  • 1 Piece of Single Use Plastic = 1 Swear = $1 or your choice

  • Goal: As few swears as possible in One Week! Avoid single-use plastics wherever you can, the more prepared we are, the lower our swears!

    • Every separate piece counts, they add up quickly!

    • Keep track of your swears by putting the plastic in your jar, or swapping it for cash.

    • Tell your friends, family, coworkers and have them join you!

    • Stay strong! Our societies are embedded with plastic, so living even a week avoiding it is a Challenge!!

    • Share your journey: #PlasticSwearJarChallenge

    • Donate to the Changing Tides Foundation or buy yourself some new yoga pants! (See Below)

Just some interesting fact reminders from their website!

  • “The US generates more than 35 million tons of plastic but recycles just 8.3% of it.”

  • The average American uses 314 plastic bottles a year. (

  • 50% of all plastics produced each year are single-use. (

If you want some really groovy yoga pants made from recycled plastic, I’ve got just the place: H2OM. Click on the link below to grab a pair for you or someone you love.

“You can’t supplement your way out of a bad diet.” Dr. Eric Nepute

I’ve always believed this quote to be true. You can’t absorb dietary supplements, particularly if your digestion isn’t working properly. Which is why I’ve always been tentative to take supplements.

Until NOW.

This brings me to why my parents are in the doghouse. I learned this week that they gave me some genes that really suck and contribute to not aging very well. Thanks, guys! To explain, I sent in a swab test 3 weeks ago, my DNA was analyzed and organized into 4 actionable reports for healthy aging, weight loss, fitness, and skin health.

I have moderate SNP (or variant) on my DNA in 14 of the 18 Key Actionable SNPs. It makes it really hard to keep my LDL Cholesterol in check, absorb B12 which negatively affects mood, detoxify properly, process gluten, keep inflammation low, manage weight, and much more.

If you think I’m being a bit dramatic, I’m not. I’ve seen other test results.

This has 1) really opened my eyes to getting regular dietary supplemental support that is personalized for me so I don’t continually guess what I need and 2) to be more kind to myself.

Only 10-20% of our health is determined by our genetics thankfully which is why lifestyle and our environment are so important.

Client Success Story:

My client came to me so upset that he couldn’t answer my first question without crying.

He had just broken up with his girlfriend, his career has been at a standstill for years and he was “living in the dead zone,” where nothing was happening.

He was committed to change and signed up for an 8-week 1:1 coaching program with the goal to focus on career and mindset shifts.

He knew that he was holding himself back from stepping into his new future and it was affecting his love life, his finances, and most importantly his self-esteem.

James* had an aspirational goal to be a senior designer and to work with other designers that shared his values of sustainability and philanthropy. “To give more and to take less.”

We worked on the following topics together:

  • Mindset

  • Time Audit

  • Productivity Strategies

He was motivated to:

-Improve his productivity to increase his confidence to work for a new design firm

-Wake up early and slow down his pace in the mornings for a better mindset

-Show up to all his projects and increase his effort

-Creating structure helped him control and subside his anxiety/guilt for putting off change

In our last session, my client shared that he got a new job. And not just any new job but his dream job as a Senior Product Designer for a company that he has always admired.

It had been so many years since he received an attaboy or congratulations from his friends or family that even just the offer was validation enough!

I was so happy for him that I just burst into tears!

A lot of strategies we used in his sessions are in my Overcoming Procrastination Mini-Course so please feel free to sign-up from my website.

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