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Water, Nutritional Case Review and Procrastination

I help solopreneurs navigate health and business transitions. I believe our health and the health of our business are inextricably tied.

Water, Food, and Lifestyle.

These monthly blogs are my attempt to take what I know or what I’m learning and create simple, digestible soundbites for my readers.

I would love to know your thoughts on the content structure below. Please feel free to email me and request topics you would like me to address.

By some estimates, as many as 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Dehydration can adversely affect our cognitive abilities, digestion, and physical stamina. It’s the premise for Dr. Dana Cohen and Gina Bria’s Book, Quench, and Dr. Batmanghelidj's (aka: Dr. Batman) book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.

  • up to 75% of your body is water

  • hunger is often a mis-signaling of thirst

  • with age, the water content decreases (meaning drinking more water can actually slow the aging process!)

  • Increasing your water intake/absorption can assist with disease prevention and chronic disease reversal.

The WHY to drink more water is clear. Each month, I will discuss this precious resource and its implications for our health and the health of the environment.

I attended a Biohacking conference in Carlsbad, CA at the end of January 2023, and it blew my mind.

Biohacking is better defined as human enhancement. According to the internet, biohacking is do-it-yourself biology aimed at improving performance, health, and well-being through strategic interventions.

I learned from a guest speaker, Dr. Tom O’Bryan that before we attempt to increase our performance, we need to clear the muddy waters. That’s what we do with functional nutrition, we get to the root cause of any sort of symptoms that people are experiencing in their bodies or in their minds. We do this through a wonderful lens taught to me by my amazing instructor Andrea Nakayama, of the Functional Nutritional Alliance.

As a Functional Nutritional Counselor Trainee, I need practice clients! So if you have bounced around to different medical providers or have avoided the doctor’s office in general, consider finding out what’s going on in your body through a functional lens. I invite you to book a 3-session, Nutritional Case Review! The booking link is below.


One of my 1:1 clients calls the contemplation stage of change the “Dead Zone.” Where action goes to die;)

You can call the contemplation stage of change, procrastination, running in place, or low motivation. I have heard it all over the years. A marker for this stage of change is that the pros and cons of change are equal. This is why we or the people we know, can live in this stage of change for years.

In 2015, we learned from the research that procrastination is an emotional problem. Self-compassion was offered then as a solution. Last year, in 2022, a procrastination author* expanded the research to not only include self-compassion but self-forgiveness when attempting to overcome procrastination. If any of you know about self-forgiveness, this topic can have roots in trauma recovery. Getting over procrastination is not some quick fix.

Nowadays, as of three weeks ago, a 3,000 university student study out of Sweden aimed to investigate if students who procrastinate have a higher risk of poor mental and physical health.

“Although no specific health outcome was strongly associated with procrastination, the results suggest that procrastination may be of importance for a wide range of health outcomes, including mental health problems, disabling pain, and an unhealthy lifestyle.”

I’ve been noodling around the connection between procrastination, avoidance, and distraction and now there are even more implications when we procrastinate: our health!

I created a handout that offers solutions for overcoming procrastination, and I will be converting these solutions into a free 7-day challenge with applicable strategies for stepping out of procrastination and getting into preparation and action. Look out for details in next’s month’s blog:)

Until then,

Coach Taylor

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