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How I disinfect my yoga mat with water

Do you use single-use chemical wipes to clean your yoga mat?

Or spray lavender oil, and want an alternative solution?

I love using the combo of my 11.5ph and 2.5ph water 💧 to clean my mat after each use. It’s not hurting me or breaking down my mat.

In my cleaning protocol, I use both 11.5ph and 2.5ph waters I make from my water ionizer at home.


Strong alkaline (11.5ph) water has emulsifying and heat conducting benefits. (which is why we use it at our water & wellness shop for our Radio Frequency machine) It can break down harmful pesticide and herbicide oils on your foods too!


2.5ph is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and has endless applications! It kills 99.9% of Bacteria 🦠 Spores and Viruses and is harmless to humans and pets.

You can buy over-the-counter HOCL, like the one below ($15.95/8oz btl) but I like to make my own at home to reduce plastic use.

Still not sure electrolyzed water 💦 can kill microbes and bacteria?

The base HOCl formulation in a saline solution (acceptable for disinfection, antisepsis, and wound care) needs to possess the following components:

1. 150 parts per million or greater of hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

2. Isotonic solution of 0.9% saline (Normal Saline) is preferred for clinical use.

3. pH less than 5.5, and greater than 99% pure HOCl

4. Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) greater than 1000 mV.

(Source: Briotech, Inc, Application for Inclusion in the 2021 WHO Essential Medicines List, 2020)

Here is my photo below demonstrating the ORP is greater than 1000mV. Our ionizers use a saline solution and the pH is less than 5.5ph. It's 2.5!

I added a resource website below that shows independent testing of 2.5ph. It can kill MRSA, E-Coli, Coronavirus, Athlete’s Foot--on the spot.

My upcoming video on Instagram will share all the ways we clean our VRBO rental unit with 2.5ph (Highly acidic water, HOCL)which replaces bleach, and disinfectants. Follow me @lifetimecoachingllc

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