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Life Plan Review

Last week, I broke down in frustration tears last week in front of our new Marketing Assistant. I had to take five outside in the parking lot before I could regroup. The application integration issues, password errors, and new technology were overwhelming.

I decided to count the number of computer applications in my life:

  • 14 applications for our retail sales business

  • 6 in my private coaching practice

  • 10 as an adjunct instructor

More than 50% are new to me in the last year.

“Like it or not, we now live in an ecosystem shaped by dramatic disruption,”says an article posted last week by the International Coach Federation.

It got me thinking about how to stay strong amidst these technological disruptions.

Recently, I completed a 12-week coaching group on the topic of ‘Resilience meets Purpose’ which focuses on mind/body techniques to stay strong while we self-change. All the group members reported loving both the accountability and the support of the group.

Master coach Marshall Goldsmith also believes in the transformational power of not doing it on your own. In his book, An Earned Life, he helped CEOs all over the world stay accountable and get support during the pandemic. He called his group, the “Life Plan Review” or “LPR.”

The LPR is so powerful in its simplicity that it got me inspired to facilitate my own LPR group this Fall to offer the support and accountability that we need as solopreneurs, wellpreneurs, creatives, freelancers, or independent contractors so that we can stay strong amidst the constant changes in our professional and personal lives.

What do y’all think? Shall we do it together?

What is the LPR?

The LPR framework is designed to close the gap between what you plan to do in your life and what you actually get done. It consists of a simple plan— 1) weekly meetings where you answer fixed questions to improve your life/business. 2) receive accountability and support from a diverse group of fellow self-employed individuals.

Deepen your self-awareness, build some goals around your life/business and learn more about the upcoming Life Plan Review Group at my Free Coaching Workshop:

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