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What are your unique strengths?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

James clear is the man! If you haven’t signed up for his newsletters, I look forward to them EVERY Thursday.

This quote is from today’s newsletter and it resonated because I’m reading a book by a Master Coach, Marshall Goldsmith. In Part 2 of An Earned Life, he talks about why working toward a specialty is a key to career success.

Using his analogy, how do we know what slice of bread to cut?

He offers this exercise that I want to use in my group class on Monday nights.

Exercise #1: Ask 5 people, who know you well, what your unique talent/strength is.

It’s important to receive whatever is brought up as subjective data. Use what you will.

Exercise #2: Write down for a month comments/compliments from other people that are another way of saying “You could be better.” (YCBB)

For instance, is your significant other sharing you are wicked smart and just don’t know it? It may mean you could be better at having confidence. Or do your friends tell you that you would be great at sales? Your interpersonal skills could be off the charts!

LISTEN for clues on what to specialize in (unique talent) and listen to how you could be better. (YCBB)

Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Coach T

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